Bad faith insurance - Personal Injury Law Firm

This was an Uninsured / Bad Faith case that was filed and tried in federal court in Seattle.

At the time of the collision, Mr. Baker was an elderly gentleman who was providing support to his son's construction business when he was rear-ended on I-90 by an uninsured driver. When Mr. Baker attempted to use his Uninsured Motorist Protection Benefit, a benefit that his son had pain for on the vehicle for many years, they denied coverage. Even when the insurance company hired a nationally known law firm out of Colorado to defend the claim,

Sunshine did not back down. She worked with the client, his family, and his doctors to understand the extent of his injuries. She also worked with experts in insurance contracts to prove that the insurer had acted in Bad Faith when they denied Mr. Baker's claim. Settled post-trial / pre-verdict for $500,000.