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Port Orchard, Washington


“If you have a legal battle ahead, arm yourself with Warrior Woman Law!”

- George

Port Orchard, Washington


“If you have a legal battle ahead, arm yourself with Warrior Woman Law!”

- George


“Sunshine was very willing to get to know me and my friends on a personal level. It was clear that she cared. She made sure that I was well-informed and prepared for the whole process. The outcome of my case was more than satisfactory.”

~ Keith

“Sunshine Bradshaw was my plaintiff lawyer in a car accident where I was rear-ended and sustained head injuries. She was extremely well-prepared. Her strategy was well-thought-through and very well-executed. She kept me in the loop at every step. I would recommend Sunshine to anybody looking for a personal injury lawyer.”

~ Phil

“Sunshine helped me through an all-time low. I was a teacher with a first-time DUI and I couldn’t have gone through it without her. She is knowledgeable, strong and dependable, a true warrior!! Thank you Sunshine!!”

~ Former client

“Sunshine was handed my case and worked hard until we had the best offer possible. We were able to settle quickly, and she was upfront and honest about everything that was going on. She is extremely nice and knows how to do her job well. I highly recommend her!”

~ Joleisa

“Sunshine listened to what I needed to say about my situation. She stayed in contact with me when I had questions. She walked me through my lowest point. I am so grateful to have had her by my side. She will for you too.”

~ Gordon

Put a legal warrior on your side!

“I have never felt more safe then behind Sunshine and her legal team. They are compassionate and professional. If you have been injured in a car accident or need legal defense, her team can fight either battle, or both if need be. She has literally changed my life for the better. So if you have a legal battle ahead, arm yourself with Warrior Woman Law! And don’t worry, you will have Sunshine on your side.”

~ George

Best Decision You’ll Make

“Ms. Bradshaw represented me when I was hit from behind by another vehicle. I had minor injuries and my insurance was bombarding me with forms and calls. Sunshine LISTENED, made the calls go away, got my medical bills paid and got me a FANTASTIC and unexpected settlement! She is an ADVOCATE for real, people – SHE TRULY CARES and FIGHTS to get you what you deserve. It was the best decision I made – she won’t let you down.”

~ Robin

Wonder Woman!

Best Decision You’ll Make

“I was extremely delighted with the outcome of our suit. I finally got an attorney that loved to “kick ass” as much as I do.”

~ Janie

“Sunshine and her team blew away my expectations of what it means to have a good lawyer. She took the time to listen and always made sure that I felt heard and 100% supported throughout the course of my case after I was run over in a crosswalk, and she was fierce in fighting for me when the insurance company tried to play down my injuries. She did an impeccable job of building up my case with the best of the best experts and literally held my hand to help me with my anxiety in my deposition. Knowing I had her in my corner made it possible for me to focus on my own healing. I have the utmost gratitude and respect for her team. They brought an incredibly powerful combination of compassion, professionalism, and tenacity to my case, and without them I would have never received fair compensation for my injuries. If you want the best lawyer you can get, Sunshine is the real deal.”

~ Sherri

“My husband was involved in a reckless driving accident last December after he had been sober for years. Because of his record from years prior, he faced serious and terrible legal consequences. He had worked hard on his sobriety, lived clean and put his life in order, but a series of hard circumstances left him under a cloud of despair. Frankly, after the accident, we were worried sick about what might happen. Then we heard about Sunshine Bradshaw and Warrior Woman Law. It was truly a profound relief to meet an attorney who had compassion and understood our fears and worries.She worked quickly, returned our calls, answered our questions, and performed beautifully in court on our behalf. She is a wonderful attorney and a very caring person. I highly recommend her for any of your legal concerns.”

~ Naomi

“When I was rear-ended by a transit bus in 2008, my whole world changed. I retained a lawyer shortly after the accident but over the next months and then years, it was apparent that my original attorney had very little interest my case. I don’t know if he thought it was “loser” of a case or the payout wouldn’t be worth his time. So after some serious soul-searching and long discussions with my wife, we decided to search out another attorney. We found McMenamin & McMenamin, who agreed to take on my case. We didn’t have enough money to pay a retainer, but they (M&M) took over my case. Rich McMenamin had enough faith in Ms. Sunshine Bradshaw that he handed the case to her. She knows case law to an amazing degree. She also knows how to pick a jury & will work non-stop to fight for you. She is always well-prepared and “prepped” me for trial with outstanding results. If I didn’t have her representing me to finish this 7-year nightmare of pain and suffering, justice would not have been served! Without this GLADIATOR IN A SUIT, I would not have received a verdict of 1.2 million! I highly recommend Sunshine Bradshaw ! Don’t hesitate!! You want her to be YOUR lawyer. Sunshine is a part of my family now. She took on the government on my behalf and kicked some ass!! I can’t say enough about this amazing lawyer.”

~ Michael

“Warrior Woman Law has a dynamic team of associates. They went up to bat for my case with incredible determination and tenacity. They genuinely put their heart and soul into the justice for their clients. Sunshine and her team are kind, patient, and supportive. They are hands down the best lawyers in Washington. I would even go as far to say in the West coast area. My case was not an easy one, but because of Sunshine’s leadership and heart, I was able to move on with my life with clarity and inspiration to be of service to others in need. 5 stars for sure!”

~ Stephanie

“I was referred to Sunshine after an arrest for an alcohol-related arrest. Sunshine gave me a comprehensive, but no-nonsense, overview of what to expect and was upfront and honest about everything going on throughout the process. Sunshine laid out clear steps for me to take prior to each phase, assisted with resources, and was very responsive at all times. Most importantly, Sunshine slowly and persuasively negotiated with the prosecutor, resulting in a very favorable outcome for my case. I am thankful for Sunshine’s guidance and work on my case. She is a genuinely caring attorney, and knows how to do her job well. I would highly recommend her!”

~ Tim

Case Results

Criminal Defense

No Jail Time for DUI Charge
  • Client charged with DUI (with BAC above 0.15), hit and run, and reckless endangerment for having his child in the car.
    This was clients third DUI charge and the prosecutor’s offer was to allow my client to plead and do 300 days in jail. Sunshine met with this client when he bailed out of jail. It was clear that this guy was hurting; that he was an alcoholic and was completely out of control. It was also clear that he was a good guy who loved his wife and kids very much and that being away from them for 9+ months was not an option.
  • Client had already utilized his on-time deferral and so the only option was to get this client to open up to me and tell me what was really going on. After much discussion, it was clear that this client just needed some help. He entered treatment and we began to collect letters of support from family, friends, and members of the community. Sunshine took all of those to the prosecutor in an effort to work out a more acceptable plea. But the prosecutor would only agree to come down to 270 days in jail.
  • Our choices were limited, the evidence against the client was strong, our only hope was to try to educate the sentencing judge as to why client should not go to jail. Sunshine wrote a 4-page sentencing memorandum setting out all the reasons why this client should not go to jail. Before the hearing the prosecutor offered 180 days in custody.
  • We again said no jail time. At sentencing the State asked for the maximum penalty, 364 days in jail. Sunshine asked the judge to see this client for the person he was, to help this client by giving him a chance, and asked for no jail time. The judge listened and heard our pleas and Sunshine walked that client out of court without a single day to serve in jail.
Prosecutor Dropped Felony Assault Case to Misdemeanor Disturbing the Peace
  • Client was charged with felony assault. Sunshine jumped in immediately upon learning that client was still in custody.
    Sunshine went to the jail and sat down with the client to get to the bottom of what had happened. As if often the case, the story was quite different from our client versus what the alleged victim had told the police.
  • Sunshine got to work immediately, investigating, talking to witnesses, interviewing the alleged victim, and looking for evidence that may have been missed. Sunshine found witnesses who had not been interviewed by the police.
  • Sunshine took this new evidence and the alleged victims ever changing story to the prosecutor who quickly realized the weakness of his case and offered to let our client plead to misdemeanor disturbing the peace.
Felony Possession Reduced and No Jail Time
  • Client charged with felony possession of a controlled substance after being suspected of a drug overdose while in jail.
  • Video showed client engaging in what the State believed to be illegal drug activity while in jail and the State intended to send my client to prison for years. However, Sunshine quickly realized that this client had an addiction and needed help, not prison. Sunshine worked tirelessly with treatment facilities, the prosecutor, and the court to allow her client to be furloughed from jail to attend treatment.
  • After in-patient treatment, the client was able to come home and reunite with her child while Sunshine continued to work on educating the State as to the real issue this client was having and the fact that prison would not be justice for anyone. Fortunately, the client did everything we asked, stayed clean, attended meetings, and got a job.
  • The combined efforts of the client to getting and staying sober and Sunshine in relentlessly fighting with the State eventually led to a reduction in charges down to misdemeanor possession and no additional jail time for the client.
Reckless Driving Charge: Not Guilty
  • Client charged with Reckless Driving, a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to 364 days in jail and/or a $5,000 fine.
  • Sunshine was immediately suspicious of the police report that noted that the officer “heard screeching tires” and saw our client in his mirror coming around a corner. The officer had no interest in hearing our client’s story that he had just moved to this new neighborhood, had gone to pick up friends for Thanksgiving, got caught up in talking with them, and almost missed his turn. Even after pointing out the many weaknesses of the case, the prosecutor stated that he would rather go to trial and loose than not support the officer who made the arrests version of events.
  • Sunshine took the case to trial, picking a jury in one of the most conservative counties in Washington. After a day of testimony, the jury saw through the officer’s story and recognized the situation for what it was, a guy who was not familiar with the neighborhood who took a corner a bit fast. Nothing reckless or “willful and wanton” about it.
  • Sunshine stood next to her young client with no criminal history as the jury returned those two beautiful words “Not Guilty.”

Case Dismissal

  • This is the picture of a man who was facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life in a prison cell.  Instead, on a cold November day his attorney Sunshine M. Bradshaw walked him out of court a free man all charges dismissed with prejudice.  The State brought this case more than three years ago and in that time Sunshine repeatedly asked the State to do the right thing, to turn over the evidence they had, to disclose witnesses and allow them to be interviewed, in essence she pleaded with the State to comply with the constitutional protections every defendant is afforded and at each turn, the State chose to hide, destroy, and otherwise obfuscate evidence and witnesses. 
  • Sunshine was dogged in her determination to get this case to trial, committed to holding the State to its burden.  However, no trial would be required.  After those three long years, Sunshine had enough and filed a motion to dismiss due to the State’s misconduct and mismanagement of the case.  The judge agreed and the case was dismissed. 


If you are facing the wrath of the government, you need a warrior to go into battle with and for you. 

Personal Injury


Jury Verdict: Gilmore v. Jefferson County Transit
  • Mr. Gilmore was rear ended by a Transit bus and injured. The transit company did everything in their power to deny Mr. Gilmore justice, even hiring a private investigator to spy on him when he was out with his family.
  • Sunshine was not deterred or intimidated by these tactics and fought hard at trial. She worked tirelessly with her client and his family so that she could really educate the jury as to how the injuries affected every aspect of Mr. Gilmore’s life.
  • The result a record $1.2M jury verdict. But the transit company was not done. The filed an appeal and eventually the case made its way to the Washington Supreme Court where the verdict was upheld and justice was done.


Jury Verdict: Koester v. Iverson Trucking
  • This case arose in Clallam County. Mr. Koester was the passenger in a delivery van that was making a right-hand turn.
  • A fully loaded logging truck was behind them and was not paying attention. When he realized the box van was slowing, the log truck driver shot to the right just as the box van was making the right-hand turn. The reluctant impact caused significant injuries to Mr. Koester. Instead of accepting responsibility, the log truck driver’s insurance company blamed both Mr. Koester and the driver of his box van.
  • Always up for a challenge, Sunshine took on the insurance company head on at trial resulting in a verdict of $525,000.


Settlement: Baker v. Travelers
  • This was an Uninsured / Bad Faith case that was filed and tried in federal court in Seattle.
  • At the time of the collision, Mr. Baker was an elderly gentleman who was providing support to his son’s construction business when he was rear-ended on I-90 by an uninsured driver. When Mr. Baker attempted to use his Uninsured Motorist Protection Benefit, a benefit that his son had pain for on the vehicle for many years, they denied coverage. Even when the insurance company hired a nationally known law firm out of Colorado to defend the claim.
  • Sunshine did not back down. She worked with the client, his family, and his doctors to understand the extent of his injuries. She also worked with experts in insurance contracts to prove that the insurer had acted in Bad Faith when they denied Mr. Baker’s claim. Settled post-trial / pre-verdict for $500,000.


Jury Verdict: Powell v. August And Quick And Clear, Inc.
  • This case arose from an incident in which a Quick and Clear, Inc. employee failed to properly secure a ladder on his truck.
    The ladder flew off the truck on I-90 and landed in Mr. Powell’s lane of travel. When he swerved to miss it he lost control of his vehicle and crashed. In addition to his physical injuries, Mr. Powell developed PTSD that affected his ability to be creative. As an artist by trade this was a huge impact on Keith’s emotional and financial health.
  • When the firm he had been working with tried to convince Mr. Powell to settle for $50,000, he reached out to Sunshine. She jumped in, driving to Coulee Dam to meet with Keith, his family, and his friends to see how this collision had impacted him. Next Sunshine put the insurance company on notice that their offer was offensively low and that we were ready to try the case.
  • Despite being up against one of the largest and best known defense firm in Seattle, Sunshine was able to convey Mr. Powell’s damages to the jury effectively; resulted in $175,000 jury verdict.

Employment Law

Sexual Harassment Settlement
  • Client was a dispatcher in a male dominated work environment where she was repeatedly subjected to unwanted sexual harassment.
  • The nature of the harassment was such that the case would probably not rise to the level that most attorneys would have even taken it on because the potential recovery was so small. But not Sunshine, she jumped in, filed a lawsuit, and worked with opposing counsel to come up with a resolution quickly and efficiently that was satisfactory to everyone.
  • The settlement allowed the client to get by while she found a job where she would not be subjected to such harassment.
Wrongful Termination Overturned
  • After more than 10 years as a highly decorated federal government employee, this client ran into some personal difficulties that required him to take Family and Medical Leave (FMLA).
  • He had the support of his therapist and counselors, but his immediate supervisor continually made things difficult. Client was placed on a performance improvement plan (PIP) that was designed to make him fail. As he fell further behind in his work obligations due to being out on FMLA, instead of adjusting expectations, his supervisor continually harassed and degraded this employee. This eventually led to the client’s “failure” to perform under his PIP and he was terminated.
  • Sunshine filed an appeal with the US Merit System Protection Board in an attempt to get client his job reinstated. After months of fighting, research and brief writing the administrative law judge agreed and reinstated our client with full back pay and benefits.

“I was referred to Sunshine after an alcohol-related arrest. She gave me a comprehensive but no-nonsense overview of what to expect, and was upfront and honest throughout the process. Most importantly, Sunshine persuasively negotiated with the Prosecutor, resulting in a favorable outcome for my case.”

- Tim