Possession of a controlled substance - Criminal Defense

Client charged with felony possession of a controlled substance after being suspected of a drug overdose while in jail.

Video showed client engaging in what the State believed to be illegal drug activity while in jail and the State intended to send my client to prison for years. However, Sunshine quickly realized that this client had an addiction and needed help, not prison. Sunshine worked tirelessly with treatment facilities, the prosecutor, and the court to allow her client to be furloughed from jail to attend treatment.

After in-patient treatment, the client was able to come home and reunite with her child while Sunshine continued to work on educating the State as to the real issue this client was having and the fact that prison would not be justice for anyone. Fortunately, the client did everything we asked, stayed clean, attended meetings, and got a job.

The combined efforts of the client to getting and staying sober and Sunshine in relentlessly fighting with the State eventually led to a reduction in charges down to misdemeanor possession and no additional jail time for the client.