Exceptional!! 5.0 stars

Sunshine helped me through an all time low. I was a teacher with a first time DUI and I couldn’t have gone through it without her. She is knowledgeable, strong and dependable, a true warrior!! Thank you Sunshine!!

Posted by anonymous July 18, 2020

Put a legal warrior on your side! 5.0 stars

I have never felt more safe then behind Sunshine and her legal team. They are compassionate and professional. If you have been injured in a car accident or need legal defense. Her team can fight either battle or both if need be. She has literally changed my life for the better. So if you have a legal battle ahead, arm yourself with Warrior law! And don’t worry, you will have Sunshine on your side.

Posted by George July 19, 2020

Sunshine represented me very well in court in December 2013 5.0 stars

Sunshine Bradshaw was my plaintiff lawyer in a car accident where I was rear ended and sustained head injuries. She was extremely well prepared. Her strategy was well thought through and very well executed. She kept me in the loop at every step. I would recommend Sunshine to anybody looking for a personal injury lawyer.

Posted by Phil December 13, 2013

Wonder Woman 5.0 stars

I was extremely delighted with the outcome of our suit. I finally got an attorney that loved to “kick-ass” as much as I do.

Posted by Janie November 30, 2014

Best Decision You’ll Make 5.0 stars

Ms. Bradshaw represented me when I was hit from behind by another vehicle. I had minor injuries and my insurance was bombarding me with forms and calls. Sunshine LISTENED, made the calls go away, got my medical bills paid and got me a FANTASTIC and unexpected settlement! She is an ADVOCATE for real people – SHE TRULY CARES and FIGHTS to get you what you deserve. It was the best decision I made – she won’t let you down.

Posted by Robin December 31, 2014

Ladders in my lane on the FREEWAY .. Hi speed accident .. 5.0 stars

Sunshine was very willing to get to know me and my friends on a personal level . It was clear that she cared. She made sure that I was well informed and prepared for the whole process. The outcome of my case was more than satisfactory

Posted by Keith January 28, 2015

Sunshine Bradshaw is amazing! 5.0 stars

When I was rear ended by a transit bus in 2008, my whole world changed. I retained a lawyer shortly after the accident but over the next months, and then years, it was apparent that my original attorney had very little interest my case. I don’t know if he thought it was “loser” of a case, or the payout wouldn’t be worth his time. So, after some serious soul-searching and long discussions with my wife, we decided to search out another attorney. We found McMenamin & McMenamin, who agreed to take on my case. We didn’t have enough money to pay a retainer, but they (M&M) took over my case. Rich McMenamin had enough faith in Ms. Sunshine Bradshaw that he handed the case to her. Initially, she looked a little young (my wife & I are in our early 50’s & she’s about 10 years younger). Well, so much for appearances…she knows case law to an amazing degree. She also knows how to pick a jury & will work non stop to fight for you. She is always well-prepared and “prepped”me for trial with outstanding results. If I didn’t have her representing me to finish this 7 year nightmare of pain and suffering, justice would not have been served! Without this “GLADIATOR IN A SUIT “! I would not have received a verdict of 1.2 million! I highly recommend Sunshine Bradshaw ! Don’t hesitate!! You want her to be YOUR lawyer. Sunshine is a part of my family now. She took on Government on my behalf and kicked some ass!! I can’t say enough about this amazing lawyer.

Posted by Michael July 1, 2015

Wonderful thorough and quick!! 5.0 stars

Sunshine was handed my case and worked hard until we had the best offer possible. We were able to settle quickly and she was upfront and honest about everything that was going on. She is extremely nice and knows how to do her job well. I highly recommend her!

Posted by Joleisa March 7, 2018

You need Sunshine Bradshaw! 5.0 stars

I was referred to Sunshine after an arrest for an alcohol-related arrest. Sunshine gave me a comprehensive, but no-nonsense, overview of what to expect, and was upfront and honest about everything going on throughout the process. Sunshine laid out clear steps for me to take prior to each phase, assisted with resources, and was very responsive at all times. Most importantly, Sunshine slowly and persuasively negotiated with the Prosecutor, resulting in a very favorable outcome for my case. I am thankful for Sunshine’s guidance and work on my case. She is a genuinely caring attorney, and knows how to do her job well. I would highly recommend her!

Posted by Tim June 16, 2019